About Mongkol Muay Thai

Mongkol Muay Thai are uniquely designed professional and training Kickboxing equipment and clothing, you will enjoy training for high function as well as fashionable.

Mongkol Muay Thai Gloves

Our products using premium soft leathers, foam padded protections, and traditional Velcro/lace-up wrist enclosures. Our gloves have cushion padding on the end for full support.

Mongkol Muay Thai Shorts

Our muay Thai shorts are made from the highest quality Satin and Nylon, and are handmade and customize for comfort, fit. Most importantly well designed for the training.

Mongkol Muay Thai Handwraps

Mongkol hand wraps are quality and designed in printed color & plain, the length is 4 and 4.5 meters, to give you more than enough to wraps for your hands to allow good support.

Who we are

Mongkol Muay Thai is uniquely designed, for you to train differently with different fashion styles for this kickboxing wear.